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Accused of a Sex Crime in Houston?

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When a person is charged with a sex crime in Houston the criminal justice system is known to be hostile towards them regardless of whether or not they have been convicted for the crime they’ve been alleged to have committed. In some cases, the assumption of innocence is thrown right out the window and replaced with an assumption of guilt.

Guilty or Innocent

Oftentimes, a defendant will find that everyone who should be on their side is against them. Whether it’s the defendant’s family, their criminal defense lawyer or public defender, or law enforcement officials, persons who are under investigation for a felony sex crime are up against the wall.

Fighting For The Rights of The Accused

The Capitaine Law Firm understands that not all persons who have been accused of a sex crime are guilty of the charge. In fact, most cases involving criminal allegations sexual in nature are often based on false allegations, blackmail, spite, and/or an over-exaggeration of the facts. If you’ve been accused of any of the crimes listed below, you’ll need the best legal representation possible if you’re to have a chance at gaining satisfactory results from the criminal justice system.

The Capitaine Law Firm Will Defend You

Houston criminal defense attorney Christian Capitaine has aggressively fought for the rights of his clients consistently over the course of his career.

Fighting for the freedom of the accused is one of Christian’s top priorities as he continues to cement his credentials by winning acquittals from juries, limiting penalties for those who wish to plead guilty, and having criminal investigations stopped with charges either being dropped or not filed, for other more complicated cases.

Criminal allegations of sex related felonies and misdemeanors are serious. Whether you are guilty of the crime charged, or not, its in your best interest to contact attorney Christian Capitaine, or another qualified criminal defense attorney in Houston, as soon as possible.

Are you being investigated by law enforcement for a sex crime?

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