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Accused of Theft in Houston?

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Theft a is general use term in Texas criminal law that can be used to describe any theft offense ranging from shoplifting to grand larceny. Theft is a criminal offense that is taken seriously by prosecutors looking to win convictions in Harris County criminal courts.

In general, penalties for persons accused & found guilty of a theft related criminal offense are based on the value of the theft/attempted theft, and are more serious if aggravating circumstances occurred during the course of the crime.

Theft Crimes & Texas Law

In Texas, theft is defined as taking someone’s property without consent. Property should be considered as anything of value. The heart of the theft statute is aimed at protecting the value of the victim and prosecuting the party responsible for the crime.

Theft is considered a crime of moral turpitude. A conviction for a theft offense can haunt a person even after serve their time and pay their dues to the community. An additional consequence is having record of the conviction on their criminal background.

Having a theft related criminal conviction of any kind on your record, can put a 3rd party in a position to make a decision about you before they even meet you. If you or a loved one were arrested or accused of a theft at any level, it’s in your interest to fight the charge and work to have the record of the criminal offense removed, expunged, or sealed from your criminal background.

Attorney Christian Capitaine and the Capitaine Criminal Law firm will help you in the aftermath of an arrest for a theft crime in Houston. If you need to talk with a criminal defense attorney about a theft charge against you, call our law office at 832-618-7831.

Penalties For Theft Crimes

Amount Classification Penalties
Less than $50
Less than $20 (By Check)
Class C Misdemeanor Up to $500 Fine
$50 -$500
$20 – $500 (By Check)
Class B Misdemeanor Up to 180 Days County Jail
Up to $2,000 Fine
$500 – $1,500 Class A Misdemeanor Up to 1 Year County Jail
Up to $4,000 Fine
$1,500 – $20,000 State Jail Felony 180 Days – 2 Years State Jail
Up to $10,000 Fine
$20,000- $100,000 3rd Degree Felony 2 – 10 Years Prison
Up to $10,000 Fine
$100,000 – $200,000 2nd Degree Felony 2 – 20 Years Prison
Up to $10,000 Fine
$200,000 or more 1st Degree Felony 5 – 99 Years Prison
Up to $10,000 Fine

As you can see, criminal penalties for theft in Texas range from a light monetary fine to 99 years in prison. If you’ve been accused of a theft crime, the Capitaine Law Firm is ready to help.

Full Service Theft Charge Defense

When you’re facing prosecution for one of the above listed theft crimes you’ll need a defense attorney in your corner that you can trust, that has experience, that will stand up for your rights.

Even if this is the first time you’ve been in trouble with the law for any form of thievery, with Houston criminal law attorney Christian Capitaine on your side you can be sure your case in good hands.

Call 832-618-7831 if you need help.

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