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Sex Offender Registration

In Texas, a number of crimes fall under the scope of what could be considered a crime of a sexual nature, thus requiring Sex Offender Registration in most cases if the defendant is found guilty in the court of law, and some without the defendant being found guilty.

Sex Offender Registration normally applies to defendants who have been convicted and have served their time. However, defendants who received deferred adjudication, rather than a conviction, are forced to register as a Sex Offender in the state of Texas.

The State of Texas has the most aggressive Sex Offender Registration laws & policies in the United States. With each legislative session in Austin, it appears to increase more & more in the level of severity for the offender.

Even in cases when the defendant received deferred adjudication from the court, the defendant, although not convicted, will still have to register and report as a convicted sex offender. Even if the defendant was the victim of a wrongful conviction, these innocent people are caught in the web too.

Crimes That Require Sex Offender Registration

  • Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child
  • Indecency With a Child, Sexual Performance By a Child
  • Sexual Assault/Rape, Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Misconduct/Prohibited Sexual Conduct
  • Compelling Prostitution, Sex Trafficking Related Cases
  • Possession of Child Pornography, Promotion of Child Pornography
  • Online Solicitation of a Minor

Keep in mind that a Sex Offender Registration requirement may also apply if certain conditions are met during the course of another crime.

For example, if the defendant’s crime involves unlawful restraint, kidnapping, aggravated kidnapping, or burglary, and there was intent to commit a crime that may fall under the scope of sex offender registration, they’ll be considered sex offenders and will be required to register as such.

Also, multiple convictions for indecent exposure, and out of state convictions that fall under the guidelines of Sex Offender Registration requirements in Texas, will also require sex offender registration.

The Capitaine Law Firm Can Help

As a former Assistant District Attorney and criminal prosecutor, attorney Christian Capitaine is well aware of several legal strategies that will help defendants in Harris County. With Attorney Christian Capitaine as your lawyer you’ll have a great chance to either beat the charge or avoid the harshest consequences the State of Texas has to offer. If you’re facing criminal charges related to failing to register as a sex offender in Harris County, or were accused of a sex related crime in Houston, call Christian for help.

There are 3 categories of sex offender registration which are listed below.

  • Lifetime Registration: Offenders that fall under these requirements have a lifetime obligation to notify law enforcement of their whereabouts.
  • 10 Year Registration: Offenders that fall under these requirements will have to have keep law enforcement notified of their whereabouts for 10 years after the end of their probationary/community supervision period.
  • Juvenile Registration: Offenders that fall under this requirement will have to remain registered as a juvenile sex offender until they reach 28 years of age.

Christian Capitaine is an accomplished criminal defense lawyer with over a decade of experience defending the accused in addition to his many years on the other side of the argument as a Harris County prosecutor. If you need additional information concerning this area of Texas criminal law, Houston sex offender registration attorney Christian Capitaine is ready to sit down and discuss the details of your situation, and what the Capitaine Law Firm can do about it.

Call Attorney Christian at 832-618-7831 for more information or to schedule a confidential consultation about your matter.

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