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Criminal Record Sealing & Expunction

Expunction, also referred to as criminal record sealing, are great opportunities for people who need their case or conviction overturned, overruled, thrown out, or had their charges dismissed.

Once the charges are dismissed, the accused party can petition the court to have the record of the arrest and criminal charge hidden from public view. If you’re looking for an experienced attorney in Houston that will help you to get your criminal records sealed, contact Christian Capitaine today by calling 832-767-5992.

Understanding Expunction & Texas Law

The process of expunction is the method available to criminal record sealing lawyers for helping their clients remove criminal records from their backgrounds.

Expunction is a great tool for persons looking to move on in their career after being charged with a crime, but not convicted, or for persons who are looking to get on with their lives after having their cases overturned.

Expunction is only available to persons who were never convicted of a crime, and is only available in the following circumstances;

  1. The defendant was accused & charged with a crime only for the criminal court to dismiss the charges.
  2. The defendant was put on trial for a crime, but acquitted.
  3. The defendant was convicted of a crime, but the conviction was later thrown out, or “overturned”.

Christian Capitaine Can Help With Expunction

Houston Criminal Record Sealing LawyerThe main reason for the availability of expunction and record sealing is to correct mistakes made by the criminal justice system. This is an opportunity to prevent innocent people from suffering societal consequences of having a background record with entries of crimes they did not commit.

Expunction is available for felony and misdemeanor criminal records.

Learn More About Expunction & Texas Law

If you need to talk with an experienced Houston expungement lawyer about the possibility of having certain criminal records removed from your background, the Capitaine Law Firm can help.

Contact attorney Christian Capitaine at your earliest convenience by calling the law office directly at 832-618-7831, or by sending a message using the contact form on the contact page.

Criminal Record Sealing & Expunction

Capitaine Law Firm, Houston, TX

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