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Arrested for DWI in Houston?

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In Texas, a person who is accused of a drunk driving related offense will face jail time, the suspension of their Texas Drivers License, and financial penalties in the form of fines if convicted in the court of law. Attorney Christian Capitaine is ready to assist if you’ve been arrested and charged with DWI and are in search of a solution.

We Can Beat DWI Cases

In Houston, thousands of people are accused of Driving While Intoxicated, and keep it mind that’s all they are; “accused.” In the criminal justice system there is clear set of standards that must be met in order for the prosecution to secure a conviction in the court of law with the main two being a respect for the civil rights of the defendant, and the burden of proof.

If a defendant’s Constitution Rights were violated during the course of the arrest and/or if the science/proof doesn’t support the prosecution, the defendant can not be convicted.

Due to the scientific nature of DWI cases, its important to be represented by a Houston DWI attorney with experience fighting such allegations in Harris County courtrooms. If you’re facing prosecution for any of the DWI related criminal offenses listed below we can help you.

Save Your Texas Drivers License

A Texas motorist who is arrested and charged with a drunk driving/DWI or DUI offense will face the suspension of their Texas Drivers License via a process referred to as Administrative License Revocation.

This is the process being referred to when you hear that “You Have 15 Days To Save Your License” mantra from other informational sources focused on DWI and Texas drunk driving laws.

The Administrative License Revocation process, alternatively referred to as “ALR”, also applies when a person is arrested and found to be in possession of drugs while operating a motor vehicle in Houston.

Oftentimes the drug turns out to be marijuana in most cases of non-alcoholic DUI license suspension.

If you find yourself in either situation, we at the Capitaine Law Firm will request a hearing prior to the official suspension of your Texas Drivers License, and petition the court to either halt the proceedings, or grant you a provisional Texas Drivers License/Privilege in lieu of the final disposition from the court or law as it relates to the case generating the ALR.

The Capitaine Law Firm Can Help

Let’s See If We Can Get Your Case Dismissed!

As an experienced DWI lawyer in Houston, I can tell you that most DWI cases are dismissed when the defendant is represented by a skilled defense attorney. I’ve represented people charged with crimes ranging from public intoxication to murder, and have won most of them. If you need help with a criminal DWI charge in Houston, call my direct cell phone at 832-618-7831.

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