DWI – Felony

Felony status will apply to your DWI charge if you’re a habitual DWI offender, or if someone was killed or seriously injured as a result of drunk driving on part of the defendant.

Houston DWI defense lawyer Christian Capitaine has extensive experience defending persons accused of such crimes, and can surely serve to your benefit if you’re entangled with the law in this fashion.

Understanding Texas Felony DWI Cases

As previously stated, you’ll face prosecution as a criminal felon if you commit a DWI offense and following is true;

  • This is your 3rd DWI offense,
  • A car accident was caused as a result of you driving while intoxicated,
  • An injury was caused as a result of the DWI,
  • There was a child passenger present, in the vehicle, at the time you were found to be driving while intoxicated,
  • or If someone was killed as a result of the defendant driving while intoxicated.

Or, in short:

  • DWI – Accident
  • DWI – Injury
  • DWI – Child Passenger
  • DWI – Intoxication Manslaughter
  • DWI – Habitual

Penalties if Convicted of Felony DWI in Texas

For defendants unfortunate enough to be convicted of a felony DWI in Texas the sky is the limit on how serious the criminal penalties can be.

Although the maximum prison sentence in Texas is said to be 20 years for a person convicted of Felony DWI, we’ve seen a case recently where a man in the northern Houston area was sentenced to a Double Life sentence for his latest in a long line of DWI convictions.

Assuming the aforementioned case is exceptional, penalties for felony DWI convictions in Texas are as follows;

  • Maximum prison of 20 years (2-20),
  • Maximum fine of 10,000.00,
  • and a Texas Drivers License suspension of up to 2 years to start after the prison sentence is served.

A DWI Lawyer You Can Depend On

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Houston Felony DWI Lawyer

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