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Accused of an Assaultive Offense?

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A criminal charge involving any form of violence can be considered an assaultive offense in the state of Texas. Regardless of whether or not the offense occurred in or outside of Harris County, TX, you can expect the District Attorney in the jurisdiction where the offense occurred to be very aggressive, and even more so, if any form of weapon was used during the assault, or if serious injuries resulted.

Felony & Misdemeanor Assault Cases

A person who is arrested for assault in Houston, TX can be charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the severity of the assault in addition to other circumstances.

Attorney Christian Capitaine has defended hundreds of Houstonians who have faced criminal charges for assault and he knows the best route to take in order to minimize penal retribution.

In cases of non-serious or “simple” assault, and domestic violence/assault cases, defendants’ crimes are generally charged as misdemeanor criminal offenses.

In most assault cases that occur outside of the home, a police officer must witness the attack/assault for simple assault to be charged. Otherwise, an arrest warrant must be granted to the officer by a judge prior to making an arrest for misdemeanor assault.

Understanding Assault & Texas Law

You don’t have to start a brawl or physically attack a family member to have committed an assaultive offense in the state of Texas. In Texas, the law has a fairly wide net as far as assaultive offenses are concerned.

Texas criminal statutes dictate that intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury, making threats of assaultive intent, or physically contacting someone in a way known to be offensive, can be grounds for criminal assault charges to be pursued by law enforcement.

This means that verbally making a threat, and causing someone to be in fear that you will make good on the threat, can constitute grounds for an arrest. If this has happened to you, and you’re in need of a criminal defense lawyer who can defend you, contact attorney Christian Capitaine.

The Capitaine Law Firm Can Help

Family assault, domestic violence, and instances of deadly assault up to and including threats of violence, are very serious in Houston and especially so if there are aggravating factors involved. Facing prosecution for crimes of this nature is serious. Call attorney Christian Capitaine at 832-618-7831 to arrange a time so we can meet to discuss the charge and start our work on crafting a SOLID defense strategy for you.

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