Areas of Practice

Although we’re in the process of making updates to this site, we can help you if you’re facing criminal charges for offenses in the following areas;

Assault Cases

Contact the Capitaine Law Firm if you need help with fighting allegations of assault, domestic violence, family violence, or any other violence related criminal charges in the 8 county Houston area.

For more information about Assault Cases, and how we may be able to help you fight the charges, visit our Houston Assault/Violence page for more information.

Theft Related Crimes

People in Houston, Texas, the United States, and rest of world, harshly frown on people who are “thought” to be thieves regardless of if the charges are true or not. Houston criminal lawyer Christian Captiane understands the “social element” caused by the criminal justice system and will work with you to educate you on how best to proceed under the cloud of such allegations, and to gain a satisfactory resolve for the situation.

If you’ve been accused of a theft crime in Houston, and need help, contact attorney Christian Captiane for help. To get a better understanding of theft crimes, and Texas criminal law in relation to theft crimes, visit our Houston Theft Crimes page for more information.

Homicide Related Cases

The state of Texas is Death Penalty state meaning that depending on the circumstance surrounding criminal cases in which loss of life occurred, your life you be on the line. To learn more about the various homicide and murder related criminal charges in Texas visit our Murder Charge Defense page.

If you’ve been charged with any criminal offense involving loss of human life, contact our law firm.

Drug Crimes

Crack, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, x-pills, illegal prescription drugs, meth, and other narcotics in the possession of a person constitutes a serious criminal charge in the state of Texas which, depending on a number of factors, could result in either misdemeanor, felony, or federal charges being filed by prosecuting attorneys.

To learn more about how drug charges are prosecuted in Texas visit our Drug Case Criminal Charges page for more information.

Call Christian Capitaine if need an aggressive defense attorney on the case.

Sexual Crimes

You’ve seen how people accused of sex crimes are treated by the press, the community, by law enforcement & society enough understand the importance of swift legal defense in situations where allegations of sex crimes have been filed, or may be in the future.

We can’t stress enough how important it is the retain legal representation the minute in the inkling of sex crime allegations hits the air. Learn more about these kind of criminal cases by perusing our Houston Sex Crimes Attorney page. Contact Christian Capitaine or another qualified sex crimes lawyer in Houston for help if you’re facing a case like this.

Houston DWI Cases

Thousands of people are killed or injured of the highways, roads, and streets of Houston, TX resulting in harsh criminal penalties for habitual DWI offenders. Learn more about DWI cases by browsing our Houston DWI Lawyer page or by making contact with attorney Christian Capitaine as soon as possible.

If you need to talk with us about a criminal case that isn’t represented in the above list, call me at 832-618-7831.

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