Capital Murder

Capital Murder is a crime that is punishable by death penalty in Texas. These cases are serious enhanced 1st Degree felonies which must be tended by a highly experienced, battled hardened criminal defense attorney for the defendant to have the best chance to keep his life.

These are death penalty cases.

If you talk with the staff at my law office and say you are innocent, we’ll handle the case and fight for you from a foundation built around your innocence. We will work to avoid a capital murder conviction and have you acquitted.

If you’re guilty as charged, and feel that your actions were justified and/or your goal is to limit potential penalties, we can provide a number of a legal benefits and litigation strategies to serve that end as well.

Hope is not lost. Call us. Our phone number is 832-618-7831.

Definition of Capital Murder in Texas

Capital murder is defined by Texas criminal law as causing the intentional death of a person who falls under the following categories, or during the following circumstances;

  • Murder of a police officer,
  • Murder of a firefighter or other public servant,
  • Murder of a child under the age of 6,
  • Murder of a corrections officer,
  • Murder during the commission of kidnapping,
  • Murder during the commission of a burglary,
  • Murder during the commission of a robbery,
  • Murder during the commission of a sexual assault,
  • Murder as a result of an act of terrorism,
  • Murder during prison escape,
  • Murder for hire,
  • and Murder during the coarse of another felony.

We’re Ready To Fight Capital Murder Charges

Attorney Christian Capitaine is battle tested, trial hardened, and savvy enough to weed out the best defense for people who’s lives are on the line as a result of being charged with Capital Murder. There have been a number of instances in which prosecutors have gone too far in the classification of murder cases as Capital offenses, and other times when the person charged is 100% innocent.

Then, there are other cases when parents are accused of capital murder due to an accidental death of a child within the home. Regardless of your particular situation, you’ll need an attorney on your side who is capable of handling public scrutiny, aggressive prosecution tactics, and that can field a defense based on the suggestion of reasonable doubt from a foundation of credibility.

You’ll need attorney Christian Capitaine on your side.

Capital Murder Defense Lawyer

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