Defend Yourself From The Prosecutor

If you’ve been arrested, accused, facing and/or are under investigation for any of the drug related crimes listed below, its important to seek consultation with Christian Capitaine, or another experienced criminal defense litigation professional as soon as possible.

If you’ve been arrested for a drug related crime in the Houston/Harris County area its important to realize that you’re facing serious charges which will impact your future and lead to jail time and fines.

Even though a person was been accused of a drug related criminal offense doesn’t mean they’ll have to serve a prison sentence, nor does it imply guilt. There are numerous options available to help offenders avoid losing their freedom.

Contact Christian Capitaine, a drug law attorney in Houston with experience fighting allegations of criminal offenses involving controlled substances, as soon as possible to arrange a convenient time for us to meet, sit down, and talk about the details of your situation and what I can do to fix the problem.

Texas Drug Law Enforcement

“The community” feels that dangerous illegal drugs are a scourge, thus justifying the strong law enforcement activities in Houston as it relates to Texas Drug Law enforcement, profiling, & “targeting”.

Guilty & innocent people are caught in the web of law enforcement when the story is righteously told, making the need for stern legal defense a top priority for people caught in its wrath.

An Experienced Drug Charge Lawyer

Attorney Christian Capitaine brings his over 15 years of experience to bear for his clients and is a seasoned, aggressive advocate for persons needing protection from the overbearing encroachment of the criminal justice apparatus in Texas.

Capitaine Law Firm, Houston, Texas

If you’ve been charged with the possession, delivery, or manufacture of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or any other illegal drug/controlled substance in the Houston, TX general region, contact our law firm for help. Houston criminal defense attorney Christian Capitaine has served the best interests of thousands of people that themselves were criminally charged in relation to narcotics in and around Harris County, TX.

Call attorney Christian Capitaine at 832-618-7831.

Drug Charge Defense

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