Assault on a Public Servant

Assault on a public servant

When a person is arrested, and the Harris County D.A. pursues charges of Assault on a Public Servant, its always a serious felony and the result of a disastrous situation that the Capitaine Law Firm feels should put the radar on both the police officer, and the accused.

In a lot of cases that I’ve seen in which clients of mine have been criminally charged in this fashion, its a result of over-aggressive policing and unforgiving, unreasonable oversight on the part of law enforcement.

Criminal penalties are stiff for persons convicted of such crimes in Houston. If you need help, and you will if you’ve been criminally charged with Assault on a Public Servant, call me immediately at 832-618-7831.

Penalties for Assault on a Public Servant

According to Texas Law, Assault on a Public Servant is a 3rd Degree Felony.


A person who is charged for Assault on a Public Servant, will face prosecution for a 3rd degree felony which carries a maximum fine of 10,000.00 and prison sentencing guidelines that range from 2 to 10 years.

Special Note: There are different consequences in cases of Aggravated Assault.

Charged with Assaulting a Public Servant?

Houston criminal defense lawyer Christian Capitaine is ready to talk with you and discuss your options for fighting criminal charges relating to assault on a public servant. We’re sure you have a valid reason for the situation, or a challenge to the claims of the State of Texas, and we want to hear about it.

You can make contact with the Capitaine Law Firm by calling our Houston office at 832-618-7831, or by sending us a message using the contact form, or the contact page.

Attorney Christian Capitaine is a seasoned veteran criminal defense lawyer of over 15 years and is sure to make a positive impact on your behalf in the court of law. Don’t discuss your case with anyone, don’t attempt to investigate your case, and DO NOT ADMIT GUILT. Call me.

Houston Assault on a Public Servant Cases

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